U Heads For Acrow Props

U-Heads (or forkheads as they are also known), are used in conjunction with acrow props to support timber or steel beams.

We manufacture fixed U-heads as well as adjustable U-heads to offer improved safety and stability when using acrow props on-site and in a domestic environment.  Fixed forkheads have a welded spigot which sits in the top of the acrow props.

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Fixed and Adjustable U-Heads

We stock large quantities of fixed and adjustable U-heads ready for immediate dispatch nationwide to your site or location.

Adjustable U Heads have 4TPI acme thread welded to the base of the U Head which also fits in the hole at the top of the acrow prop.

A robust collar enables height adjustment.

Fixed 4" From Only £4.50 Each
Fixed 6" From Only £5.50 Each
Fixed 8" From Only £6.50 Each
Adjustable 4" From Only £9.50 Each
Adjustable 6" From Only £10.50 Each
Adjustable 8" From Only £11.50 Each

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Acrow Props & Propmate Wall Supports

We stock all sizes of acrow props in bulk and manufacture our very own Propmate wall supports, with or without a handle. We are also able to supply heavy duty acrow props.

Our prices are the best in the UK.

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Acrow-Prop U-Heads

Working with acrow props can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes you need extra support that a standard prop can't provide. Our fixed width U-heads are specially designed to ensure working with supporting beams, supporting walls and RSJs is as simple and safe as it can be. Call us for a quote now on 01283 480 717.