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Trestle Handrail System

If you are using builders trestles when working at height to be compliant with regulations you should provide handrail support in order to prevent falls.
This means you need a trestle guardrail system, and the Heaton Products Trestlemate system is designed specifically for this purpose.

The Trestlemate™ handrail system is simple to assemble, high quality and great value when compared to other systems on the market. This handrail system satisfies the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations from HSE.

  • Meets HSE Requirements
  • Easy To Install
  • Full Combined Packages Available
  • Bespoke Systems Supplied At Affordable Rates
  • Individual Items Available
  • Mini-Panels Fit On A Single Pallet

Manufactured in the UKHSE Requirement

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Trestlemate Handrail System The Trestlemate trestle handrail system is an affordable, effective, and durable handrail system designed to effortlessly integrate with any standard trestle system for use on site or at home.

Trestle Handrail System Specifications

A standard trestle guardrail set includes:

  • An end panel
  • An end or side gate
  • A choice of panels in different sizes (mini or standard)
  • A ladder bracket
  • 2 outriggers to make the whole system stable
  • Double post brackets for connecting 2 panels
  • Toe board clips to secure the raised scaffold board

We offer 10m Handrail Packages to suit most applications, as well as custom lengths and packages to fit your own stock trestles.

If you require a longer handrail system, you simply attach a further panel to the double post bracket at either end and carry it on.

If you do not require a full set, we also sell all the components of the trestle handrail system separately. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Our trestle handrail system is a premium product aimed at maintaining on-site safety.

Our trestle handrail system satisfies the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations, meaning that you have nothing to worry about in terms of H&S. The lightweight, durable design makes it is easy to transport, long-lasting and perfect for a construction environment.

Big discounts available when purchasing with builder's trestles and scaffold boards

10Mtr Trestle & Handrail Packages

We've put together a simple package that will suit the vast majority of applications, to make things as easy as possible when selecting a handrail solution for your trestles. There are 2 iterations of this package as shown in the video. You can choose a package with either our full-size 12ft handrail panels, or a package with our minipanels, which helps a lot with transport and storage.

Size 1 Builders Trestles

10Mtr With 12' Panels

Quantity Item
10 Size 3 Builders Trestles
3 12 Ft Panels
1 Ladder Bracket
1 3Mtr Ladder
1 Mini / End Panel
2 Bridge Decks
4 Outriggers
5 Adapters
1 End Gate
6 Toe Board Clips
Total Price: Only £545.00 Plus VAT
Size 1 Builders Trestles

10Mtr With Mini-Panels

Quantity Item
10 Size 3 Builders Trestles
10 Mini Panels
1 End Gate
1 Side Gate
2 Ladder Brackets
2 3Mtr ladders
10 Outriggers
11 Adapters
2 Bridge Decks
10 Toe Board Clips
Total Price: Only £695.00 Plus VAT

Galvanised Steel Ladders

3mtr Galvanised steel ladders only £30.00 each plus VAT
While stocks last!

Steel Ladders for Towers

Standard Panels

The standard sized Trestlemate guardrail system is developed to be combined with 4 builders trestles.

It's long span provides superior support and stability when working at height and makes for quick installation and removal.

trestle handrails 12ft panels

Mini Panels

Trestlemate can be made up of mini panels as shown in the photo which can help with transportation costs because panels fit on a standard 1200 x 1000 pallet.

trestle handrails mini panels

Safety at Height

As someone who works in the construction industry, you will be all too aware of the need for companies to comply with numerous health and safety at work regulations. The law governing working at height applies whenever there is a risk of a fall, which, given the nature of construction work is almost daily. Employers must ensure they have measures in place that comply with the regulations for working at height.

The Work at Height regulations apply to employers, the self-employed and anyone in charge of others working. They make it mandatory for appropriate equipment to be used in order to ensure workers' safety. It is important to invest in quality builders trestles and handrail systems like these in order to fulfil these requirements, and also to keep safe.

The importance of health and safety when working at height should not be underestimated. Without the correct equipment, not only are you in breach of the law but you are putting your employees at risk of a potentially fatal fall. This is why a trestle handrail system is the ideal solution to providing a safe and legally compliant system for working at height when using traditional builders’ trestles.

Trestlemate 1
Trestlemate 2
Trestlemate 3

High quality trestle handrail system

When you purchase a trestle handrail system from Heaton Products, you can be assured that you are keeping your workforce safe when they work from height, and at a highly competitive price. We only use the very best materials in the construction of our trestle guardrail systems, so there is no compromise on quality.

They are manufactured from pre-galvanised steel and the handrail posts have swaged ends so that they fit securely in our specially designed adaptors. We also produce mini handrail panels in a variety of lengths, which are ideal if you are working in a confined space or need to go around corners. Not only are we confident that we are unrivalled when it comes to value or quality of product, but it is our belief that you will not find an easier to assemble trestle handrail system anywhere else.

Heaton Products is proud of its position as a leading building product specialist and for this reason we only supply the very best trestle handrail systems. Our robust and easy assembly products are built to last, so contact us today for all your trestle guardrail system needs.

Does this handrail satisfy HSE requirements? Assuming the handrail is fitted correctly it will satisfy HSE requirements for using builders trestles on site.

Do you offer price reductions for bulk or combined purchases? For most items, yes. Contact us directly for a quote.

I'm a hire company, can I get a better rate? For many of our items we do offer price discounts. Contact us for details.

I need this item ASAP, what can you do? We usually are able to offer next day delivery on stock items. The best way to find out is to call us and we'll try to go the extra mile to help you out.

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