Trench Struts

Product Description

Trench Struts are generally used for supporting the walls of trenches to prevent collapse. These types of supports are vital in ensuring the safety of you and/or your employees from harm.

Trench Struts have clawed ends to help grip the trench poling boards. Our struts are manufactured to the British Standards by roll threading the tube to ensure that our trench struts are very strong and durable.

While it is know that some companies use trench struts for underpinning purposes, this can be dangerous, and as such we strongly recommend only using underpinning jacks for this application. For this purpose, see our underpinning jacks.

Trench Strut Sizes

Trench Struts are manufactured in 4 sizes, as follows:

Size 0 Trench Strut

300mm - 450mm
From £11 Each

Size 1 Trench Strut

450mm - 710mm
From £11 Each

Size 2 Trench Strut

680mm - 1140mm
From £13 Each

Size 3 Trench Strut

1040mm - 1750mm
From £15 Each

    We keep large stocks of trench struts and offer a next day delivery service and even delivery to Ireland. Our rates are highly competitive, due to the number of trench props we import.

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Trench Sheets

We also stock overlapping strench sheets in these sizes:

  • 2500mm x 330mm
  • 3000mm x 330mm
  • 3500mm x 330mm

See here for details


What Are Trench Struts?

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Trench struts are extending metal poles that lock to help support trench walls alongside trench sheets. Four claws at either end of the strut help the trench strut to grip the wall once locked with the pin.

Laying pipes and wires in a trench can be tiresome work and in some cases very dangerous work. The nature of digging trenches leaves the earth that banks either side of the trench potentially unstable and in deeper trenches the possibility of a trench wall collapsing in is a very real threat. Whilst the idea of a trench wall collapsing in might not seem immediately problematic, the weight of the earth and/or mud could trap, seriously injure or even kill a worker,

To prevent this incident from becoming a reality, equipment has been designed to stabilise the trench walls and improve the safety of workers whilst they lay pipes or wires in the trench.

Both trench struts and trench sheets work in collaboration with one another to give workers peace of mind whilst they are completing their job. The job of the trench struts and trench sheets is to hold back the mud and earth that has been loosened by the trench.

Trench struts are applied to trenches horizontally. They push and lock against trench sheets so as to use the force of each wall to prevent the other from falling.

Robust trench struts

The use of struts have, as described above, been used traditionally to support the walls of trenches. We provide robust trench struts that have been manufactured through the process of thread-rolling the tube. The process of thread rolling ensures that the metal is at its strongest. We believe that the stronger our struts, the safer your workers are.

With our pre-made thread rolled trench struts you will be able to apply struts and sheets to trenches that are up to 1750mm in width. Each strut comes with clawed tips in order to benefit from greater grip. We provide struts in four sizes, ranging from 300mm – 1750mm in width.

Some people also attempt to use their trench struts for the purpose of underpinning, however we advise that underpinning jacks are the most practical tool for this use. If you are interested in underpinning rather than trench support, contact us to discuss the possibility of commissioning bespoke underpinning jacks.