Trench Sheets

Trench Sheets are vitally important in supporting the vertical faces of most small to medium sized excavations. 

Our overlapping trench sheets are manufactured from pressed steel, meaning that they are developed using high-quality raw materials, to a high standard.

Trench sheeting can be used in conjunction with our trench struts.

Sheeting is designed and manufactured in the UK, and we offer nationwide next-day delivery, so you can order today and receive on-site tomorrow.

From Only £7.00 Per Mtr

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Sheet Specifications


  Length   Width    Price  
2.5m   330mm    Enquire Now 
3m 330mm  Enquire Now 
4m 330mm  Enquire Now 

We are also able to provide other bespoke lengths. Contact us for details.

Approximate Weight: 11Kg per metre

Material: S235 grade steel


Trench Sheet Driving Cap

Trench sheet driving caps are used to help prevent damage to the trench sheets whilst being driven into the ground.

Our driving caps are manufactured by us in our factory and as you can see from the photo these are very heavy duty.

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What Are Trench Sheets Used For?

Safety has to be regarded as the most important issue faced by tradesmen when constructing a trench. With a lot of room for error, it is important you take all precautions possible against potentially dangerous incidents. Accidents are not merely restricted to the deepest excavations. The volatile nature of digging down into the earth should be taken into account before you begin work. By using trench sheets, you are able to implement a secure structure to carry out your work; all of it in the safest environment possible.

The concept does seem simplistic enough, but without this system you could leave yourself or other workers exposed to dangers previously unforseen. The uncertainty of earth surrounding an excavation means that shoring systems are essential for the safe and successful completion of your work. The vertical faces of trenches need support in order for this to happen.

All small to medium excavations require sheets to be driven into the ground, creating a secure, protective barrier between those working and the earth walls. Working in tandem with driving caps and trench struts, they allow your work to be carried out without added concern for the safety of those working.

Safe & Secure Excavation Shoring

Ensuring the structural stability of your trench walls is the most crucial aspect of every excavation. If ground is left unsupported it cannot be relied upon to stay in place, even without the added danger of high volume precipitation. One cubic metre of soil can weigh as much as 1 tonne, so precautions need to be taken to avoid any incident. This is why we use trench sheets; to provide employees with a low-risk and safety consious working environment.

Even if you are not physically working inside a trench, shoring systems still have an important role to play. Once work on excavating the trench has been carried out, you must ensure that the hole remains as such, and does not cave in, either naturally, or due to weather conditions. These types of things can cost you and your business time and money.

If these sizes do not cater for your needs, or for more information on our next day delivery service, please contact Heaton Products today and we will aim to accommodate you.