Trench Covers - Fibreglass Road Plates

Trench covers are used as temporary or semi-permanent covers to protect employees or members of the public from accidents when working or moving in and around trenches.

We supply reinforced fibreglass trench covers and fibreglass road plates that are designed to withstand high distributed load, offering reliable protection to cabling, trench deformity and piping from excessive load and enabling safe transport of people, mechanical and non-mechanical plant and machinery across worksites and public environments such as footpaths and driveways.

Our reinforced fibreglass trench covers:

  • Are extremely strong & durable
  • Are manufactured in the UK
  • Can be used for pedestrian and vehicle applications such as driveways
  • Are designed with a non-slip surface
  • Can be delivered next day to UK and Ireland

Trench covers are used to temporarily cover trenches, boreholes, or apertures, and should be fixed in place with either special adhesive or steel pins driven into the road or ground surface. By doing so you can ensure no slippage occurs and the cover will stay secured for as long as is necessary.

1200mm x 800mm - 12/8 Safe Cover

Length 1200mm
Width 800mm
Height 30mm
Weight 13Kgs
Maximum Trench Width 700mm
Key Features + In compliance with the Department for Transport Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice.
+ Slip Resistant Surface
+ Chamfered edges
+ Can support a distributed load of 2000Kgs
+ Ribbed framework
+ UK designed and manufactured


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1200 x 800 GRP Trench Cover   
1500 x 1000 'Low Pro' Trench Cover  
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Next-day UK delivery Full Pallet quantities can be delivered within 2 days to anywhere in the UK. Fibreglass road plates

It is important to check regularly on the security of any trench covers, especially those used in muddy areas after heavy rain, as any movement could cause the trench cover to become unsecured. Additionally, if trench covers are used to protect against the passage of heavy loads, ensure that the securing methods are sufficient to prevent lateral movement.

If you need any advice with securing trench plates, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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