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Mesh Fencing - Round Top

Mesh Fencing - Round Top From £19.00 Per Panel

Event & Site Barriers

Event & Site Barriers From £15.00 Each

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  •  Site Barriers From £15.00/Panel
  •  Temporary Mesh Fencing From £19/Panel


No More Wonky Fencing!

  •  Strengthens Fence Panel Fitment
  •  Improves Fence Panel Security By Locking Panels In Place
  •  Protects Against Damage To Panel Feet
  •  Improves The Lifespan Of Your Fencing


We manufacture standard and heavy duty access gates, for building sites, or events, bespoke to your specifications for all types of fencing. We promise highly competitive quotes and rapid turnaround.

Company branding and powder coating can also be applied.

Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing can be supplied in various forms, and is usually erected at events, on building sites, or in public areas to separate areas of ground for safety purposes or other restrictions.
We manufacture and supply temporary fencing solutions to suit most requirements, including Chapter 8 compliant temporary fencing for road and pedestrian demarcation, temporary mesh fencing for building sites and events, and crowd control barriers used to restrict public access to areas or to control the flow of foot traffic.

Mesh Fencing

Our mesh fencing panels are manufactured with a round top, and standard sized apertures, to industry standards of quality. We provide all necessary accessories including rubber base feet, standard and anti-tamper fence couplers, pedestrian portals, and our own Up-Rite fence panel collars.

Mesh fencing can be supplied with logo panels, bespoke branding, and even custom powder coating to your specifications.

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Crowd Control Barriers

Our crowd control barriers are industry leading designs that we have developed in-house to beat the competition in every area. We use 1.5mm pre-galvanised tube (most barriers on the market are 1.2mm or less), steel tube infills, and strategically placed large diameter infills to greatly improve strength and durability. Our barrier legs are also manufactured from thicker gauge steel to ensure they do not fail with intensive use.

Crowd control barriers can be supplied in self-colour, or in red, white, or custom powder coating. We are also able to provide you with barrier gates (single and saloon), or open pedestrian gates. Outriggers are another opinion which can further improve stability in extreme conditions (such as in gusty or heavy winds when signage is fitted).

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Plastic Traffic and Pedestrian Barriers (Chapter 8 compliant)

Our Chapter 8 compliant plastic barriers are all blow moulded HDPE barriers which offer great longevity at a low life cost. We offer a range of the most popular barriers suitable for temporary demarcation in public areas with a very low deployment time.

Plastic barriers are extremely durable and can take a lot of abuse, which is why they are so popular with highway services and companies that must deal with temporary traffic situations and pedestrian control.

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