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Steel Road Plates

Steel Road Plates and Anti-Skid Plates for semi-permanent fitting to concrete or tarmac, on highways, construction and demolition sites, within warehouse environments or private sites. 

Customisation options available include:

  • Custom Sizes
  • Company Logo Stencilling
  • ID Tags Application
  • With Or Without Anti-Skid Coating

We also offer an anti-skid recoating service.

We now offer a buy back guarantee on our steel plates. 


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Road Plate TypeSize (L x W)ThicknessPriceNote
Plain Road Plate 2500mm x 1250mm 19mm Enquire Now
*Buy Back Option Applicable
Plain Road Plate 2500mm x 1250mm 12.5mm Enquire Now
*Buy Back Option Applicable
Anti-Skid Road Plate 2500mm x 1250mm 19mm Enquire Now
*Buy Back Option Applicable
Plain Or
Anti-Skid Road Plate
Custom Size 12.5mm / 19mm Enquire Now

 Buy Back Option

These items include a buy-back guarantee.

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 Anti-skid Coating & Recoating Service

We Can Refurbish Your Worn Anti-Skid Plates, Or Retro-Apply Anti-Skid Coating.

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12.5mm or 19mm Steel Plates, to temporarily cover excavations or damaged surfaces, allowing foot or vehicle traffic to pass unobstructed. Because standard steel plates offer low slip resistance, we also offer anti-skid plates that are primed with resin and then coated with bauxite within 3 hours of shot blasting. This rapid application process ensures that the anti-skid coating is durable and offers considerably lower wear rates.  

12.5mm thick plates are designed for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic. 19mm thick plates are designed for standard vehicular traffic. The size of the plate required should be determined by a structural engineer or suitably qualified supervisor. 

Safety Securing Bolt and Collar

Road plates securing bolt Anchor your road plates securely to concrete or tarmac surfaces using our very effective Road Plate Securing Bolt & Collar. They are simple to use, highly durable, and extremely long-lasting.

Simply drill a 16mm hole in the concrete or tarmac surface directly in the centre of the lifting hole. Once drilled, just place the securing collar in the lifting hole and insert the self tapping bolt. Drive the self tapping bolt through the hole using an impact wrench and within a few seconds the plate will be anchored to the surface. Finally, place a plastic cap over the top to prevent the bolt head from getting dirty.

These road plate securing bolt and collars can be re-used again and again and individual components can be sold rather than the complete set if necessary.

Prices start at £18.00 per set, however discounts can be offered for larger quantities or if you would like to become a distributor.

Only £14 per set when purchased with road plates.

Buy-back Option

In order to reduce your financial burden, we are now able to offer you the option of buying back any steel road plates you purchase from us in bulk. This offer applies to both plain and anti-skid coated steel plates. What this means is that we can reduce the cost to you of purchasing metal safety plates for short to medium term, and give you piece of mind when a project nears completion. All we ask is that the plates remain in good overall condition (no serious bends, or fractures of any nature).

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We are also able to arrange the delivery, off-loading and positioning of road plates on your behalf using a forklift truck. We will then anchor the plates down using securing bolts & collars appropriately.

Contact us today on 01283 480 717 for more details.

These following images are from a recent project to cover unused inspection pits. The road plate securing collar and bolt prevents the plate being moved by lateral forces and because they are anchored down, this reduces the risk of personal injury as a tripping hazard.

Road plate positioning
Completed and fitted steel trench plates

What Are Steel Road Plates Used For?

Generally, steel road plate systems are placed to cover trenches or other excavated obstructions which could cause safety issues within a workplace or public area. Plates can be manufactured simply from a certain thickness of plate steel (usually 12.5mm for pedestrian use and 19mm for vehicular use), or also in conjunction with an anti-skid coating.


Before placing the metal plate, the sides of any excavation must be suitably stable enough to prevent any movement; either by utilising support systems such as trench sheets and props, or by further excavation. Plates must also be fitted to the surface rigidly using securing bolts.

It is vital to ensure plates are either sunk into the ground or a small ramp is created to prevent any possibility of trip hazard, or potential damage to vehicles. If necessary, and depending on the situation, you may be required to place warning signs to notify people of the hazard.

Do I Need Anti-Skid Coating?

Anti-skid road plates are standard plates that are treated with a high-friction aggregate compound used to increase the available friction on the plate. This surface acts to reduce slippage for pedestrians and vehicles in most weather conditions. At Heaton Products, we make certain that there is minimal time between shot-blasting and final surface treatment. This improves the durability and longevity of the plate surface, meaning that the aggregate will remain affixed to the plate for much longer, and will withstand increased levels of attrition.

More Information

HSE Guidance on using road plates: Click Here

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