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DIY Scaffold Towers

DIY Scaffold Towers From £295.00

Scaffold Boards

Scaffold Boards From £11.00 Each

Feel confident purchasing any of our domestic scaffold towers and accessories with full customer services support and quality product guarantee.

  • All towers are manufactured from 38.1mm / 1 ½” Prime Pre-Galvanised Steel.
  • Every single weld is coated with zinc paint.
  • Our platform boards are manufactured only from Kitemarked British Standard scaffold boards.

Do not hesitate to contact us (by telephone on 01283 480 717, or IMwith any questions or queries you may have. 

British Standard Kitemark

Steel Scaffold Towers

Towers are used to reduce the risks involved when working at height. Normally, when working at heights above 2m, using standard ladders for any extensive work activities could be very dangerous, due to the stability of the item. If you are working in a situation where you will need to move or stretch to reach outside of the centre point of the stable base of a ladder, it would be sensible to look into purchasing an access tower rather than risking your life by using a ladder.

These towers can be manufactured with two different materials; steel and aluminium. The material used during the manufacture of the tower has a large effect on the durability and stability of the finished product. Aluminium has relatively low density compared to steel and is therefore more malleable and not as strong. This makes aluminium towers and tower parts susceptible to damage during erection and packaging away. Steel tower sections, if given appropriate care, tend to last longer due to being more durable and less susceptible to damage.

How do access towers benefit working at height?

Scaffold towers (whether steel or aluminium) make working at height safe, as long as they are erected within safety guidelines.  Often, when using ladders to reach heights above a certain level, safety becomes a serious issue. A fall from a height of just 200cms can cause serious injury, especially in a work environment on-site. Not only can scaffold towers reduce the risk of this occurring, but they can also help to prevent any issues concerning other parties working at ground level. Having a much larger base plan than a ladder makes access towers more noticeable. This increase in visibility means that the awareness of people around the base of the tower is improved, reducing the chances of involvement in any accidents resulting from dropped equipment or falling debris.

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