Road Forms

Road forms are a form of shuttering used to temporarily provide a solid edge when pouring concrete. This formwork is vital in creating a clean, professional finish when pouring concrete.

Steel road forms come in a range of sizes depending on the depth of concrete to be poured. Road forms are secured in place with stakes, and connected longitudinally.

We highly recommend the use of mould oil to prevent concrete contamination from the road forms, as well as improved mould release.

Square Edge


Square Edge Road Forms


Forms manufactured using channels with true square edges provide a better finish for your concrete bay. There are three housings for road form pins on each square edge road form. We maintain stock for the following sizes:

200mm x 3000mm

SQUARE EDGE - 150mm x 3000mm

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SQUARE EDGE - 200mm x 3000mm

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All products are manufactured in-house. Bespoke sizes are available; from 100mm depth to 300mm or more. Contact us now for a quote.

Flexible Road Forms

 Manufactured from 4mm flat steel, these flexible road forms allow you to create smooth curvatures in your formwork. Each plate comes with housings for five road form stakes.

200mm x 3000mm

FLEXIBLE - 150mm x 3000mm

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FLEXIBLE - 200mm x 3000mm

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All products are manufactured in-house. Bespoke sizes are available; from 100mm depth to 300mm or more. Contact us now for a quote.

Road Form Accessories & Extras

Road Form Uses

As experienced providers of construction products we have an extensive knowledge of the industry and relevant products. We provide a variety of products to those in the construction industries across the UK, and one of the many products we specialise in is Road Forms.

Our road forms are available in a variety of sizes from 100mm - 300mm to suit the thickness of slabs, so you can find the product which suits your needs. Our road forms are available in two types: square edge and flexible road forms, so whatever project you are working on which needs road forms, there is one to suit your needs. All of our road forms, whether they are square edge or flexible, are manufactured using high quality steel to ensure that they are strong, robust and hardwearing.

When using road forms, you will need road form stakes to secure the road form into position. Our stakes are available in different sizes, and if the size you require is not listed, simply contact our team and we can provide you with more information.

At Heaton Products we believe that you should be able to find high quality products at affordable prices. This is why we offer all of our road forms at competitive prices to ensure that you can benefit from these reliable products at an affordable price.

Square Edge and Flexible Road Forms

Our square edge road forms are manufactured for use in the construction of a variety of ground slabs, particularly roads and drives. Our square edge road forms ensure sharp and clean edges when you are constructing floor slabs or driveways.

Our flexible road forms are manufactured to give you flexibility in any construction project, whether you are constructing roads, foundations or drives. Using our flexible road forms ensure smooth, curved lines are created each time.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our range of products, do not hesitate to contact the team at Heaton Products. We have unparalleled knowledge in the industry, meaning we can share our expertise and knowledge with you to ensure that you find the product that is ideal for your needs. All of our products, including our square edge and flexible road forms, are available at competitive prices. We strive to provide customers with great products at the best possible price which is why we provide all of our products at competitive prices.