Mould Oil

HP1 Mould Oil is a high quality formwork release agent, applied to formwork including road forms to ensure formwork can be effectively removed after the concrete has set. 

Much like greasing a cake tin before baking, it allows easy and painless release of formwork, preventing damage to either formwork or the mould.  

Mould oil creates a superior concrete finish, free from stains, and helps protect the formwork.

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Benefits of Using a Release Agent

HP1 Mould Oil provides:

  • Easy formwork release
  • High quality surface finish
  • Minimal form cleaning to decrease labour costs and prolong formwork life
  • Extreme resistance to removal by weather or foot traffic abrasion
  • Stain resistance. Meaning that HP1 is suitable for use with coloured, white or standard OPC
  • Protection from impairment to the bond of concrete to any further treatments
  • Non-classification as hazardous for transport


Application of Mould Oil

HP1 Mould Oil is high quality mould oil containing surfactants for general site and precast yard use that achieves a top quality concrete finish in most situations.

After the preparation of formwork and any required sealing with formwork tape, apply lightly by spray, brush or swab preceding each concrete pour, and as near to the time of placement of concrete as practically possible.  Timber and other porous forms must initially be treated with 2 coats of HP1 Mould Oil; the first applied heavily and allowed to stand for maximum absorption before the second is applied in a normal manner. On vertical forms any excess material accumulating at the bottom of the form should be removed.

Mould Oil Coverage

A thin coating to give a coverage rate of 30 to 40m2 per litre depending on surface porosity. The BCA report “Appearance Matters” states that excessive application of release agents is detrimental to concrete surface finish. Care should therefore be taken to ensure that HP1 Mould Oil  is applied as recommended as this will achieve optimum performance and maximum economy.