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Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

We stock large quantities of reinforcement mesh in standard sizes to ease stocking and reduce transport costs. Reinforcing mesh can be used to strengthen a range of concrete structures, including:

  • Slabs, ground beams & walls,
  • Driveways,
  • Footpaths,
  • Patios,
  • Home extensions
  • House plot foundations.

If you know what you need, take a look at the specs of the fabric we stock below, then give us a call to discuss your order, or any cutting and bending you may need. You could even send us your schedules on this page to speed up the process.

If you're not sure what you need, the type of mesh you require depends on the application. Speak to an expert today on 01283 480 717.


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British StandardLongitudinal Wires Size (mm)Cross Wires Size (mm)Aperture
A142 6 6 200mm x 200mm
A193 7 7 200mm x 200mm
A252 8 8 200mm x 200mm
A393 10 10 200mm x 200mm
B503 8 8 200mm x 100mm
B785 10 8 200mm x 100mm
B1131 12 8 200mm x 100mm

Standard Size Sheets

4.8m Long x 2.4m Wide
Sheet Area: 11.52m²

Standard Size Mesh Schematic

Merchant Size Sheets

3.6m Long x 2.0m Wide
Sheet Area: 7.2m²

Merchant Size Mesh Schematic

Bespoke Size Sheets

Cut & Bent to Your Schedule

Bespoke Cut & Bent Mesh Schematic
Carpet Mesh Reinforcement

Carpet Reinforcement

Limited Workers On Site? Consider Our Roll-Out Carpet Reinforcement Solution

Carpet reinforcement is simply rolls of rebar aligned in a single direction, connected with steel wire at 1m centres, with or without flying ends, that can be craned into place and rolled out with minimal fuss, and only a handful of groundworkers. We can add in any necessary attachments or configurations, and you can get by with very few hands on-site to help you place the reinforcement.

An economical and extremely time efficient solution that reports have shown to decrease reinforcement preparation time by 80%! Contact Us For More Info Send Your Drawings

Bespoke Cut And Bent

We also offer a mesh fabric cutting and bending service. Send us your drawings today and we'll get back to you with a quote, no matter how large or small your project.

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Reinforcement Mesh Fabric

Reinforcement mesh is an incredibly versatile solution for use in construction projects where concrete structures need to be strengthened. Embedded into concrete slabs, ground beams and walls, mesh fabric greatly improves the structural integrity and rigidity of any concrete structure. Steel shares similar thermal expansion properties to concrete, making it the perfect material for concrete reinforcement.

Reinforcement mesh is available in a number of grades, each suitable for different applications. Each grade of mesh fabric differs in the size of its longitudinal wires and its cross wires, and these differences affect the relative reinforcement properties of each type. Mesh sheets are generally supplied in standard sizes of 4.8m length and 2.4m width, although smaller merchant sizes are also available, with a length of 3.6m and a width of 2.0m.  Bespoke sizes can also be cut and bent to specific project requirements.

One of the most widely used grades of mesh fabric is British Standard A142, which has 6mm longitudinal wires and 6mm cross wires. This grade of mesh is typically used in light domestic applications, such as garden groundworks, patios, pathways and light-traffic driveways.

Where heavier loads are expected, grades A193 and A252 are used. A193 has longitudinal and cross wire sizes of 7mm and A252 has longitudinal and cross wire sizes of 8mm. Residential extensions, domestic foundations and heavy load driveways would typically require reinforcement mesh of these grades.

In commercial construction projects, stronger grades of reinforcement mesh are used, including A393, B503, B785 and B1131. To highlight the difference in strength between the various grades, B1131 has longitudinal wires of 12mm and cross wires of 8mm, compared with the 6mm x 6mm wire size of the lightest grade of mesh fabric, A142. B ‘spec’ structural steel mesh is made with rectangular apertures, making it more dense (in terms of steel per cross section), and therefore stronger.

Another critical factor in the correct use of reinforcement mesh is the vertical positioning of the sheets. It’s vital that mesh sheets are positioned so that there is at least 50mm concrete coverage both above and below the mesh. If the positioning of the mesh is not correct and there is insufficient concrete coverage at any point, the reinforcement may be compromised and the structural strengthening could be significantly reduced. There are a number of products available to help with the correct vertical positioning of mesh reinforcements, including padstones, plastic spacers and steel highchairs. Of course, all structural reinforcement plans should be verified by a qualified structural engineer before work is started.

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Delivery Information

We are able to arrange delivery to your home, premises, or site, at a time convenient to you. We can liaise with your site manager to organise safe and quick offloading where necessary.

Please enquire for more information.

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Delivery Information

We are able to arrange delivery to your home, premises, or site, at a time convenient to you. We can liaise with your site manager to organise safe and quick offloading where necessary.

Please enquire for more information.

This is almost what I'm looking for, but not quite. Can you modify this or make bespoke items? With items manufactured by us we can normally accommodate modifications. We are also able to manufacture items to bespoke dimensions, with no MOQ on some products. Contact us for details.

How will this item be delivered? We use our own transport for large items and a national courier for other products. We can deliver to you home or premises, or liaise with site managers to deliver direct to site at a time that suits you. Please contact us for details.

I have a large, bespoke reinforcement project, can you help me? Sure. Our team of designers and fabricators thrive on this kind of work. We can usually take on highly bespoke or large tonnage projects with fast turnaround. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

I have a very small concrete reinforcement project. Can you help? Certainly. There's no MOQ for any of our products and we will quote orders of any size and scope.

Do you provide an on-site steel assembly/fixing service? We do, within a 90 mile radius of our premises in Swadlincote.

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