Reinforcement Mesh

We stock large quantities of reinforcement mesh in standard sizes to ease stocking and reduce transport costs. Reinforcing mesh can be used to strengthen a range of concrete structures, including:

  • Pre-fabricated concrete slabs,
  • Driveways,
  • Footpaths,
  • Patios,
  • House foundation reinforcement.

The type of mesh you require depends on the application. Speak to an expert today on 01283 480 717.

The cost saved in terms of labour and time alone mean reinforcement mesh is the only viable solution for small to medium sized projects.


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Mesh Specifications

Each sheet supplied is full size: 4800 x 2400mm (4.8Mtr x 2.4Mtr).

Please refer to the chart below for detailed specifications.


A142 Mesh

6mm Wires - 142mm²/m Aperture
2.2 Kg/m²
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A193 Mesh

7mm Wires - 193mm²/m Aperture
3.02 Kg/m²
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A252 Mesh

8mm Wires - 252mm²/m Aperture
3.95 Kg/m²
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A393 Mesh

10mm Wires - 393mm²/m Aperture
6.16 Kg/m²
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