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Wall Formwork System

Wall and column formwork systems designed for residential and civil engineering projects, as well as construction and redevelopment within existing structures. 

LEDAMAX is a versatile, crane movable, 80Kn/m² wall and column formwork system that provides an effective, and cost-efficient formwork solution.  

LEDALITE is a lightweight, hand-movable 60Kn/m² column and curtain formwork system designed for to be moved without a crane. 

Various panel sizes available.

Fully compatible with other market-leading systems.

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Adjustable Wall Formwork System

Ledamax from Leda Formwork is an 80Kn/m² columns and wall formwork system designed to be quick to install, robust and hard-wearing, yet also versatile and easy movable. The LEDAMAX system is perfect for large or small construction sites, and requires fewer clamps due to the design of custom profiles that improve the strength and support of formwork panels.

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