Builders Trestles

Sizes 1 - 4; fixed and adjustable trestles up to 2.2Mtr working height. Don't miss our trestle & handrail packages. Discounts available for combined orders.

Builders Trestles

From £13.00 Each

When used with suitable scaffold boards, our trestles provide sturdy platforms for easy access and maneuverability in a safe environment. 


Don't forget to take a look at our industry-leading Trestlemate trestle handrail system to further improve site safety and reduce the risk of injury from accidents.

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Size 1 - 4 Trestles

Available in four sizes, our trestles allow you to reach elevated areas without concern. Our builders trestles are simple to assemble and lightweight, making them easy to transport.

We even offer trestles that will fit on a single standard sized pallet to reduce transportation costs.

They provide durability and reliability, so you can get on with your work without having to worry about overcoming access difficulties. We also stock BSI Kitemarked scaffold boards for use with our trestles.

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Size 1 Builders Trestles

Size 1 Builders Trestles

490mm - 650mm
Quantity Price (each)
1-9 £18
10+ £16
50+ £15
100+ £13
Size 2 Builders Trestles

Size 2 Builders Trestles

770mm - 1200mm
Quantity Price (each)
1-9 £19
10+ £17
50+ £16
100+ £14
Size 3 Builders Trestles

Size 3 Builders Trestles

1040mm - 1770mm
Quantity Price (each)
1-9 £20
10+ £18
50+ £17
100+ £15
Size 4 Builders Trestles

Size 4 Builders Trestles

1320mm - 2220mm
Quantity Price (each)
1-9 £28
10+ £26
50+ £24
100+ £22


We also manufacture and supply our own Trestlemate Trestle Handrail System, to perfectly accompany your trestle deck.

Trestle & Handrail Full Package

A Full Set of 10 x Size 3 Trestles Including 10 Metres Of Premium Trestle Handrail System only £695.00*

*Premium System includes Heaton Products own Mini-Panels, with the whole system able to fit on a single pallet for simple and easy transport and storage.
Standard System also available containing 12' panels for only £545.00

trestles and handrail 10m package

Trestle Accessories

Trestle Bridge Deck

Trestle Bridge Deck

Our trestle bridging deck facilitates being able to butt scaffold boards together safely when they meet in between trestles.

We recommend two bridging decks to every 10 trestles purchased.

  • Cheaper than doubling up with trestles
  • No overlapping of boards which can create trip hazards (H&S issue)
  • Fewer scaffold boards required because they are being used more efficiently

From Only £15 Each

BSI Kitemarked Scaffold Boards

Scaffold Boards

BSI Banded 13ft Scaffold Boards Are A Stock Item.

Over 500 Boards In Stock at any one time.

From £10.00 Each.

Fixed Height Trestles

Fixed Height Trestles

Fixed height trestles for use at a specified height. Enquire for details.

From £10.00 Each.


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