Acrow Props

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Acrow Props

From £13.50 Each

Acrow Props are a popular form of construction equipment commonly used as a temporary support during building or repair work.

Able to be adjusted within a range of heights, the Acrow Prop is a versatile tool that is indispensable to anyone working in the trade.

Our Acrow Props have been independently tested by Lloyds British

We also manufacture the MOAP (Mother Of All Props) - A Super Heavy Duty Size 1 Prop for high load applications, capable of supporting two skins of bricks.

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  • We stock the full range of acrow props in high volumes.
  • Manufactured with a strong single piece outer tube, rather than the standard 2 piece welded tubes.
  • Buy direct from us and cut out the middleman.
  • Manufactured to the British Standard.
  • Independently tested.
  • Low and high volumes catered for.
  • Next day nationwide delivery.

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Acrow Prop Sizes

Size 0 acrow prop

Size 0 Acrow Props

1041mm - 1829mm
From £13.50 Each
*Buy Back Option Applicable
Size 1 acrow prop

Size 1 Acrow Props

1753mm - 3124mm
From £18.00 Each
*Buy Back Option Applicable
Size 2 acrow prop

Size 2 Acrow Props

1981mm - 3352mm
From £18.50 Each
*Buy Back Option Applicable
Size 3 acrow prop

Size 3 Acrow Props

2590mm - 3962mm
From £22.00 Each
*Buy Back Option Applicable
Size 4 acrow prop

Size 4 Acrow Props

3200mm - 4876mm
From £25.00
*Buy Back Option Applicable

Used Size 1 & 2 Acrow Prop

From £12 Each *When Available

Need Prop Brace Couplers?

prop brace coupler

Fixed 90° and Swivel Couplers for additional prop support.

Need U Heads?

U Heads

Fixed and Adjustable U-heads. In stock. Ready for dispatch.

Need Heavy Duty Props?

heavy duty acrows

Along with HD props, we also produce the MOAP; a size 1 extra heavy duty prop with extra long masonry support to safely support 2 skins of bricks!

Acrow Props Buy Back Option

We now offer the option of buying back your used acrow props after purchase from us, in order to offset the cost to you and to reduce your financial burden. This option provides far and away better value for money than hiring acrow props from agents, as hiring cost can very quickly escalate if a project overruns or is underestimated. All we ask from you is that the props remain in good working order and have no external damage which would affect the SWL.
This offer is only available to bulk orders.

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Important Notice Regarding Buying Acrow Props Online

Be wary of companies offering a price match on similar products. We provide acrows that are manufactured with a single piece outer tube, which we class as a heavier duty acrow. Some suppliers offer a two piece outer tube which are not like for like.

Size 1 Heavy Duty Acrow Prop - MOAP

Introducing - The Mother Of All Props - A stronger, sturdier, safer Size 1 acrow prop designed by Heaton Products.

With a massive 76mm outer tube; that's a full 26% wider than standard acrows, combined with a 60mm inner tube, the MOAP is truly the prop to beat all props. Engineered for strength and durability, the MOAP is designed to be able to provide support for two skins of bricks, at over 320mm* of distance from the front of M-O-A-P to the bottom plate.

Our standard Propmate SWL is 340Kg. However, with the MOAP comes a new masonry support system - M-O-A-P MATE

M-O-A-P MATE has a SWL of 500Kgs*.
That's nearly 50% stronger than the already very strong Propmate.

*These figures are based on the combined operation of the MOAP and MOAP MATE.

This industry-leading combination has been a long time coming. Standard heavy duty acrows just aren't cut out for an extended Propmate. The side forces are too high, making any extension to support two skins of bricks ultimately an unsafe operation which could easily end in disaster. We took it on board to meet the demands of builders all over the country and develop a combination product that allows the strength, support and stability you need, along with a durability hire companies will be very satisfied with.

MOAP and MOAP MATE Not Sold Separately.

Enquire NowView the MOAP Microsite

MOAP MATE Masonry Support
MOAP 2 Skins Of Bricks

U Heads

Need U-Heads for your acrows?

We manufacture fixed and adjustable u-heads in-house, to UK building standards.

Contact us today for a quote.

U Heads for Acrow Props


The Development of Acrow Props

The Acrow Prop is thought to have revolutionised construction, with its simple and innovative design ensuring its popularity among those in the industry. At Heaton Products we ensure that all of the Acrow Props we provide are independently tested and imported to us in the UK, we pride ourselves on the high quality of all of our products. As a key supplier to construction and hire companies, we are highly knowledgeable of the industry and so can provide the tools that will help your construction site to continue running safely and smoothly.

We provide Acrow Props in the complete range of sizes, from 0 - 4 along with our own designed UK made wall support 'Propmate', with all of our products manufactured to meet British standards.

A reliable and safe solution

The durable, strong and reliable materials used to manufacture our Acrow Props mean that they are able to withstand high working loads, but their simple design means that they can easily be used by a single person. Not only can your building site benefit from these simple products, but they can help ensure that your site is run economically and efficiently. Also known as acrow jacks and acrow supports, these tools are quick and simple to use, helping to ensure efficiency and safety on your construction site.

As leading suppliers of Acrow Props we can meet orders of any size nationwide. Our excellent customer service will ensure that you receive your products when and where you need them. If you're looking for Acrow Props for sale, look no further than Heaton Products - we stock a wide range of products, all of which are competitively priced. We also supply a range of push pull props and trench struts, so whichever product you are looking for, we can supply you with high quality and reliable products at Heaton Products.

Do not hesitate to contact the team of experts at Heaton Products. Highly experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry, we can answer any of your questions about the range of products we have on offer.

Do you offer price reductions for bulk or combined purchases? For most items, yes. Contact us directly for a quote.

I'm a hire company, can I get a better rate? For many of our items we do offer price discounts. Contact us for details.

I need this item ASAP, what can you do? We usually are able to offer next day delivery on stock items. The best way to find out is to call us and we'll try to go the extra mile to help you out.

How will this item be delivered? We use our own transport for large items and a national courier for other products. We can deliver to you home or premises, or liaise with site managers to deliver direct to site at a time that suits you. Please contact us for details.

I'm just an individual retail customer, will you sell to me? Of course! We sell to trade and domestic customers, orders of any size. There's no minimum order on anything we supply.

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