Extendable and Ready Lock Transoms

Scaffolding transoms are load-bearing fixings that eliminate the need for additonal ledger bracing. They are designed to be attatched to standards and inner and outer ledgers, in order to provide stability and to support scaffold boards.

Transoms allow more flexibility in bay widths, increase the erection speed of scaffolding due to the reduced number of fixings, and reduce the potential for site losses. They also allow improved access by reducing obsticles seperating scaffolding bays.


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Item Type Length    Details   
  Transom     Ready Lock   4 Board Enquire
Transom Ready Lock 5 Board Enquire
Transom Extendable     4 +3 Board     Enquire
Transom Extendable 5 +3 Board Enquire


Ready Lock Transoms

Our ready-lock transoms are easy to use and lock into place simply and quickly. Available to support 4 or 5 board widths, these fixed transoms also ensure the pre-determined positional self-alignment of transoms, vastly improving erection times, as well as safety and yet reducing overall costs.

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Extendable Wedge Type Transoms

We are also able to supply extendable wedge type transoms, which allow an extension of 3 board widths. Being extendable means that you are able to use these transoms for many different applications with varying ledger widths. We supply extendable transoms with a base width of 4 and 5 boards, both extendable by 3 boards, with the maximum ledger width available being 8 boards.

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Ready Lock and Extendable Transoms