Scaffolding Pipe

Galvanised Steel Scaffolding Tube

We maintain a huge stock of steel scaffolding pipe for immediate dispatch to your site or location. Able to provide a range of lengths, Heaton Products can meet most high order needs for scaffold tube anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

All scaffolding pipe is manufactured to the BS EN39 standard, and is galvanized to improve durability and longevity.


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Tube Dimensions

We are able to supply scaffold tubes in varying standardized lengths,  and can even provide a cutting service on bulk orders if necessary. Each steel tube has a wall thickness of 4mm, and an external diameter of 48.3mm.

    Length (in ft)  
    Wall Thickness        Coating     O/D     Price      
5' 4mm Galvanised    48.3mm    £4.40    Enquire   
8' 4mm Galvanised 48.3mm £7.04 Enquire
10' 4mm Galvanised 48.3mm £8.80 Enquire
13' 4mm Galvanised 48.3mm £11.44 Enquire
16' 4mm Galvanised 48.3mm £14.08 Enquire
21' 4mm Galvanised 48.3mm £18.48 Enquire


            As low as £0.67 per Foot for bulk purchases. 

Scaffold Pipe Applications

While the primary use for our steel pipe is in scaffolding, there is a range of applications which steel tube is suitable for. Many businesses utilize this form of structural material as additional stability support for outdoor structures, as temporary barriers for events and activities, and also even as decorative shelving systems for certain interior design styles.

We also supply other related items, such as:

Scaffold End Caps

Scaffolding end caps, or tube covers, are a simple but effective addition to your scaffolding that not only prevents any debris from entering the tube, but they also serve as highly visible warnings to employees and the general public of the end point of scaffoling tube.

We are able to supply end caps in large quantities and always maintain a high stock level, ready for immediate dispatch.

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