Scaffold Fittings

Pressed Steel And Drop-Forged Scaffold Fittings

Along with galvanised steel scaffolding pipe, Heaton Products also supplies a range of pressed and drop-forged steel scaffolding fittings. We currently supply steel fixed couplers, swivel couplers, wrap-overs and pressed steel scaffold sleeves.

All of our fittings are manufactured to BS EN74-1 standards. For more information on BS EN74, and for information on the identification of scaffold fittings that meet this standard, please have a read of the NASC documentation on the subject, here.

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Scaffold Fittings Details

Fitting Material    To Fit Tube O/D  
    Price Per Item   
   Double Coupler   
   Drop Forged Steel   
48.3mm £2.95 Enquire
Swivel Coupler Drop Forged Steel 48.3mm £2.95 Enquire
Putlog Drop Forged Steel 48.3mm £0.90
Sleeve Pressed Steel 48.3mm £1.28

Drop-forged Double Coupler / Fixed Couplers

 Our drop-forged double couplers are manufactured to BS EN74-1 standards using high quality raw materials from trusted manufacturers. Each fixed coupler is stringently tested to meet high quality standards, to ensure peace of mind for you and your employees.

Discounts are available for bulk orders or combination orders with other fittings and products.

Prices begin at only £2.95 Each

Enquire for more details.

Drop Forged Swivel Couplers

 Meeting BS EN74-1:2005 standards, our drop forged swivel couplers are manufactured and produced to high standards, making them a reliable, durable and high-quality choice for scaffolding professionals, as well as home DIY'ers alike.

These steel swivel couplers are designed to rotate 360° to enable scaffold tube to be connected at any angle along the same plane.

Discounts are available for bulk orders, or combination orders including other products.

Prices start at just £2.95 Each

Enquire for more details.

Putlog Coupler

 Our steel putlog couplers are manufactured using the drop-forged method (the raw material being heated and then 'forged' into shape using a hydrolic hammer), to EN74-1 standards, as all other scaffold fittings we supply. This ensures that our wrap-overs meet the expectations of quality and durabilty that we demand from our products.

We are able to provide putlogs in high quantities and offer discounts for bulk orders.

Prices begin at only £0.90 per item.

Enquire for more details.


 Our steel scaffolding sleeves are manufactured using the pressed steel method. The reason for this is that not only does this enable the fitting to have a slightly smaller thickness, and therefore better visual profile, it also provides improved friction when coupling two scaffold tubes together in this way. As with all other scaffold components we supply, our sleeves are manufactured to high standards, to very low tolerances and to the European BS EN74-1:2005 safety requirements specifications.

Prices start from only £1.28 Each.

As with all other components, discounts are available if you are interested in a bulk order, or an order combining a range of products we supply.

Enquire now for more details.