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safety at live events

Safety Equipment at Live Events

Public safety is the paramount consideration for organisers when large groups of people attend live concerts, sporting events and exhibitions. If not properly managed, crushes and other accidents can have calamitous and even tragic consequences.

Responsibility for the wellbeing of crowd members and staff lies with event organisers. They need to be assured that the proper health and safety checks have been implemented throughout the whole building, allowing attendees to come and go in a safe manner.

There have been various research think-tanks into crowd behaviour which in turn have led to strict government regulations regarding safety requirements. To assist with this, event organisers choose specialised systems to help reduce overcrowding and maintain the safety of an audience. 

Crowd Control Barriers

One such method is to install crowd control barriers in designated areas, a common practice to streamline masses of people heading in the same direction. In terms of live events they can be used to separate queuing lines around access points, create in/out routes inside the building, and prevent crowds from entering the stage also. Popular forms of these barriers are small steel fences which can interlock to create long lines when needed.

Debris Netting

Another feature of safety equipment is debris netting. Traditionally used on constructions sites as scaffold enclosures, they can ensure any loose equipment around a venue is secured and not a falling hazard to the public. For example, musical acts may use debris netting as an additional safety barrier at a festival when quick changeovers of apparatus are needed.  

Fibreglass Trench Covers

Organisers have become increasingly aware of the need for stable walking paths when large crowds of people are in same vicinity. One person stumbling can create a disastrous domino effect, causing crushes in extreme cases. Trench covers can be laid to help prevent this, along with being used as makeshift ramps in certain areas. They too can interlock to produce a firm surface that won’t move under the force of constant pressure. Fibreglass material provides a strong yet lightweight platform which is easy to assemble at the same time.

There are many ways to ensure public safety when organising a large public event. Along with careful planning and the appropriate staff training, emergency contingency plans should also be in place. To assist with this, Heaton Products produces safety equipment such as barriers, debris netting and trench covers in order to maximise crowd welfare and ensure that your event runs as smoothly and safely as possible.




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