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We have been made aware by some builders that their insurance company will no longer insure them for any accidents at height whilst using builders trestles unless the contractors are using a trestle handrail system.

It seems to make sense because trestles extend up to 1.8 Metres so there is a real risk of someone falling and injuring themselves. 

Trestle handrail systems have often been seen as expensive and most of them are.  Only our trestle handrail system is proportionate in cost to the trestles and the quality is excellent. 

Our system is very quick to erect so all in all our system should tick lots of boxes for price, quality, simplicity and most of all keeping the HSE happy along with the insurance companies.

Our UK manufactured trestles are excellent value along with scaffold boards.  Buy the entire kit from us and you could save a lot of money.  Not only is it much cheaper than purchasing steel scaffolding, but it's a long-lasting asset that just makes sense.

We offer a range of builder's trestles, and we offer discounts when purchasing full kits of trestles and handrail systems. We even supply scaffold boards for your trestles.

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