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Propmate Uses

Propmate Wall Supports are used in conjunction with acrow props to support brick walls whilst repairs are carried out underneath.  They are usually used as a temporary measure when removing the concrete lintel above a window.

The propmates are heavy duty and designed so that they can be hammered into the mortar in between the brickwork.

Technical Details and Process

The safe working load of a propmate is 340Kg per unit, so the spacings should be no more than 900mm apart.

For most concrete lintels above a window there are usually 4no propmates and 4no acrows required. 

The first step to installing the Propmate wall supports is to use an angle grinder or circular saw to create an aperture just wide and large enough to slide the wall supports all the way through the top of the lintel, enabling you, once fitted, to remove the lintel without affecting the wall supports. Make sure that the area of the Propmate taking weight is as near to where the acrow prop meets the Propmate as possible.

Once the propmates are in postion the acrow supports are placed underneath the propmates and then adjusted so they are now taking the weight to support the structure. Bear in mind that unless the acrow props are fully vertical, they will not be able to support the full SWL. A small margin from vertical means a significant reduction in the SWL. Always ensure that you carry out the proper calculations before installing wall suppports. Even if all acrow props are vertical, but one is slightly off vertical, this is still an issue that needs to be taken into account.

Once a final inspection of all acrows has taken place and propmates have been fitted properly, work can begin on the wall below; whether it is being repaired or removed.

Important Considerations

Acrow props, when being used in a completely vertical position, can take a safe working load of 1 tonne. However, this SWL reduces to 340Kg when used with the Propmate.

This reduction is because of the lateral force being applied from the bottom angle of the propmate on the acrow prop.Remember to facator this reduction into your calculations before you begin any work.

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