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The Future of the UK’s Steel Industry in a Post-Brexit World

Posted by The Insider |3 September 2019

There are very few industry observers right now who are willing to make any kind of prediction about the long-term future of the UK’s steel industry, thanks in large part...

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10 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Money From Your Reinforcement Project

Posted by The Insider |25 August 2019

Steel reinforcement isn't the smallest material cost in any build. Here are some basic tips for getting the most out of your money and time.

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Rebar Shape Codes

Posted by Martin Heaton |18 August 2019

The revised British Standard for scheduling came into effect on the 1st January 2006, replacing BS8666:2000.

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Steel Reinforcement Grades

Posted by Martin Heaton |15 August 2019

Cold Drawn Vs. Hot Rolled, and B500B Vs. B500C

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Concrete Isolation Joints

Posted by Martin Heaton |4 July 2019

Thermal movement in concrete slabs (the expansion and contraction of the concrete due to temperature changes) must be taken into account when pouring the concrete to prevent excessive or unwanted cracking.

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Concrete Expansion Joints

Posted by Martin Heaton |19 June 2019

Despite being a strong, heavy material, concrete does actually expand and contract throughout its lifespan. However, because concrete isn’t an elastic material, it doesn’t bend or stretch easily. So, when this expansion and contraction occurs, joints are required to make sure the concrete isn’t damaged.

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Minimum Thickness of Concrete Elements

Posted by Martin Heaton |9 June 2019

The minimum thickness of concrete members is dependent on a few variables: the type of component (such as beams or slabs), the size of the aggregate used within the mix,...

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Uncertainties grow over UK steel supply

Posted by Martin Heaton |31 March 2019

Concerns are mounting across the UK steel industry over EU import restrictions on steel products, with calls for clarity on just how the UK will be affected, particularly in light...

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Detailing Of Joints in Reinforced Concrete Structures

Posted by Ioannis-Sokratis Drakatos and Martin Heaton |26 March 2019

Unlike steel structures where the type of connection between the structural members is determined by the engineer-designer, in modern RC structures the beam-column, beam-wall or pier-deck connections are usually considered...

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CFA Piling

Posted by Default Admin |19 March 2019

A simple, straightforward explanation of CFA piling; including benefits, methods, and examples. Brought to you by Heaton Products Ltd. 

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Raft Foundation Construction: Uses, Types and Cost

Posted by Default Admin |25 February 2019

Raft Foundations - From flat mat, to cellular, to floating rafts. These types of foundations are becoming hugely popular due to simplicity and cost. But which is right for your project?

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Will Hinkley Point C and HS2 Put Pressure on the UK’s Reinforcement Steel Sector?

Posted by The Insider |17 January 2019

The UK steel reinforcement industry is rising to the challenge to meet the requirements for some of the UK's biggest ever construction projects; fighting off stiff competition from China and the EU. But how are we fairing?

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Using Prefabricated Steel Reinforcements for Better Site Efficiency

Posted by Default Admin |11 January 2019

UK construction companies no longer have a pool of young budding construction workers to draw from – times are changing and our nation’s productivity levels are dwindling, having fallen greatly...

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Heavy Duty Acrow Props

Posted by The Insider |25 July 2018

At Heaton Products we currently supply two types of acrow props; standard duty and heavy duty.

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Construction industry having to dig deep post Brexit vote

Posted by Default Admin |20 June 2018

Recent figures in the construction industry are painting a difficult picture for UK industry post-Brexit.  

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Managing a Successful Job Site: 5 Tips to be a Better Project Manager

Posted by Default Admin |20 June 2018

With the property market booming again, the construction industry has seen a strong resurgence. Investors are flocking to buy up and build property that has been ignored for years —...

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How to use Propmate Wall Supports

Posted by Default Admin |20 June 2018

Propmate Wall Supports are used in conjunction with acrow props to support brick walls whilst repairs are carried out underneath.  They are usually used as a temporary measure when removing...

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Safety Equipment at Live Events

Posted by Default Admin |20 May 2018

Public safety is the paramount consideration for organisers when large groups of people attend live concerts, sporting events and exhibitions.

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No trestle handrail - No insurance

Posted by Default Admin |1 April 2018

We have been made aware by some builders that their insurance company will no longer insure them for any accidents at height whilst using builders trestles unless the contractors are...

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Should you shot blast road plates before applying an anti skid coating?

Posted by Default Admin |1 February 2018

If you want the anti skid coating to last a long time you need to shot blast your road plates before applying any anti-skid coating.

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