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Heaton Products is a Key Supplier of Building Products and Non Mechanical Plant to the construction industry.  

Our products range from acrow props, to trench struts, acro prop propmate masonry supports, steel and anti skid road plates, road forms, builders trestles, scaffold boards, scaffold towers, scaffolding components and our own trestle handrail system.

We’re a leading manufacturer of trestle handrail systems, and manufacture our own system, the Trestlemate, from our workshop in the Midlands.

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Heaton Products Ltd.

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Minimum Thickness of Concrete Elements Posted by Martin Heaton | on 09 06 2019

The minimum thickness of concrete members is dependent on a few variables: the type of component (such as beams or slabs), the size of the aggregate used within the mix,...

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Uncertainties grow over UK steel supply Posted by Martin Heaton | on 31 03 2019

Concerns are mounting across the UK steel industry over EU import restrictions on steel products, with calls for clarity on just how the UK will be affected, particularly in light...

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Detailing Of Joints in Reinforced Concrete Structures Posted by Ioannis-Sokratis Drakatos and Martin Heaton | on 26 03 2019

Unlike steel structures where the type of connection between the structural members is determined by the engineer-designer, in modern RC structures the beam-column, beam-wall or pier-deck connections are usually considered...

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Authentic UK Manufacturer

Authentic UK Manufacturer

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UK Wide Service - Quick Response & Delivery

High Quality &  Extensive Product  Range

High Quality & Extensive Product Range

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Technical Expertise