Propmate Wall Supports, from only £15.00 each.
Builders Trestles & Trestle Handrail Systems
Anti Skid Road Plates And Securing Systems
British Standard Acrow Props Size 0-4 & Heavy Duty Acrow Props
Square Edge & Flexible Road Forms
UK Wide Service. Quickest response and delivery service

Heaton Products

Heaton Products is a Key Supplier of Building Products and Non Mechanical Plant to the construction industry.  

Our products range from acrow props, to trench struts, acro prop propmate masonry supports, steel and anti skid road plates, road forms, builders trestles, scaffold boards, scaffold towers, scaffolding components and our own trestle handrail system.

We're a leading manufacturer of trestle handrail systems, and manufacture our own system, the Trestlemate, from our workshop in the Midlands.

We also manufacture our own in-house designed 'Propmate' wall supports and are able to deliver them, with acrows in large quantities, directly to your site next-day if necessary.

We have a large stock of many of our products and can satisfy bulk orders for most products with fast delivery times.

From a central location in the Midlands, we offer a nationwide delivery service and will gladly ship overseas to Ireland.

We try to support UK manufacturing wherever possible so the majority of our products are manufactured here in the UK.  Our new Trestle Guard rail System is now manufactured in the UK along with our Builders Trestles.

We are innovative and constantly work on developing new products and reducing costs by manufacturing more efficiently without effecting quality.  These cost savings are passed on to our customers.

Please take time to browse through our online catalogue and we welcome any enquiries you may have.

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