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Scaffold Fittings



Drop Forged Double Coupler           £1.53 Each

Pressed Steel Double Coupler         £1.24 Each



Clamps 48.3mm scaffold tube at right angles









Drop Forged Swivel Coupler          £1.68 Each


Pressed Steel Swivel Coupler        £1.39 Each

Clamps 48.3mm scaffold tube at any angle








Drop Forged Single Coupler          £1.05 Each


Pressed Steel Single Coupler        £0.98 Each

Clamps 48.3mm scaffold at right angles









Drop Forged Gravlock Girder Coupler        £2.25 Each


Used in pairs for right angle clamping of 48.3mm scaffold tube to steel beam flanges up to 45mm thick 








Pressed Sleeve Coupler           £1.44 Each



External end to end connection of 48.3mm scaffold tube








Joint Pin            £1.20 Each


Internal end to end connection of 48.3mm scaffold tube








      Scaffold Base Plates        £40 Per 100





All prices quoted are exclusive of vat and carriage is not included. read more »

At Heaton Products we supply both Pressed and Drop Forged scaffold fittings. Drop Forged are a higher quality option, and Pressed are their more economical alternative. We stock a large range of durable scaffold fittings to suit your every need.

For connecting scaffolding tubes at a 90° angle, double couplers and single couplers are popular options. The swivel coupler is also one of the most frequently used scaffold fittings, able to join tubes at any angle, and used for diagonal bracing. We also stock pressed sleeve couplers for external end to end connections, and joint pins for internal end to end connections.

Heaton Products also stocks less common fittings such as Gravlock Girder Couplers. These are used to clamp scaffold tubes to steel beam flanges, and are always used in pairs. All of our scaffold fittings are reliable, sturdy items to ensure improved safety.

Pressed and Drop Forged Scaffold Fittings

Reliable scaffold fittings are imperative when it comes to ensuring onsite safety. In order to comply with regulations, all equipment must be safe and durable when working at height. All of our fittings conform to industry standards, and are suitable for use with standard 48.3mm scaffold tubes. We also stock scaffold base plates in order to create a flat, even surface for distribution of load.

When deciding between Pressed and Drop Forged scaffold fittings, both are reliable, sturdy fittings, but Drop Forged offer higher quality.

Drop Forged scaffolding fittings are strong and durable which makes them ideal for holding scaffolding structures together in the safest way possible. Our most popular Drop Forged Scaffolding Fittings are double couplers, swivel couplers and single couplers. All of these fittings securely clamp 48.3mm scaffold tube together at various angles depending on the fitting.

Our Pressed Steel Scaffold Fittings are the more economical option but we still offer a wide variety of fittings, our most popular pressed steel fitting being the pressed sleeve coupler helps you to externally join two ends of scaffold tubing together securely and safely. We also support 48.3mm scaffold tubing in our pressed scaffold fittings at various angles.

Our experienced team can advise you on which scaffold fittings would be best for you so feel free to give our friendly team a call on 0845 094 2347 or send them an email here and they will be happy to help.